Let’s Talk About Why I Dropped Out Of College

Hey Loves and welcome back to SimplicitCi.

Today I wanted to talk to you about me dropping out of college and why/when I decided college wasn’t for me.

I noticed that college wasn’t for me after finishing the spring semester.  This spring was an eye opener as to how colleges operate and from noticing what I’ve noticed. I decided to drop out. I felt pressured to go to college (in a way). Between my high school pushing college onto everybody junior and senior year, to my mom demanding that she wanted me to go to college because she was unable to. I felt like “Okay, since everyone is pushing me into this direction. I guess I’ll go”.

Plan A didn’t work for me.

Plan A was for me to major in fashion, and I was going to do just that.. Until, finances wasn’t up to par. In order to be accepted I had to go through a three-step process. The first step was to apply and have my high school send my transcript. The second step was to go onto campus and take a tour, and finally be interviewed. Finally, I had to take my sketchbook with recent pieces of work for the school to critique then accept or deny.

I was accepted into Moore’s College of Art & Design, which is located in Center City. With Center City being close to home (for me) that was the perfect opportunity (So I thought). I was sooooo excited that I was accepted into the school, but disappointment surfaced when I received my financial aid package and  noticed a huge gap between what I was given, and how much the school cost. There was no way for me to cough up almost $20,000+ in loans every year for FOUR years, just to have an undergrad degree in fashion design.

So I had to think about Plan B.

Plan B was for me to go for business management at a university. Business Management would be perfect because I know (FOR FACT!!) that I need my own business. I can not be under someone else for the rest of my life. Noticing this now, gives me so much time to figure out what that next step would be.

Since my high school pushed everyone to apply for twelve colleges (four being a reach, below average compared to our GPA, and some that we would be [almost absolutely] accepted to), temple was a reach for me. I figured since Temple has a great business school I would apply, and I did. Sadly I was not accepted. So I thought about Plan C.

Plan C was for me to go to the Community College of Philadelphia, and I did just that. My whole first year of college was there and then I noticed what people were talking about. I noticed how unprofessional it was there, and how there was no support on campus. Professors would curse in class (and I get it, we’re all grown…. but) this type of cursing wasn’t for educational purposes. One professor would belittle us for asking questions, send us home early, and mess up everyone’s grades. And another professor (I FEEL) was racist ruined my transcript!

Once they ruined my transcript, that was it!

I passed my business and English class with absolutely no problem, but the GEN-ED classes (which I didn’t really care for. Which I think no one cares for) were the classes I had “ok” grades in.  The grade that I had for one class would make me ineligible to transfer to Temple. And I surely was not about to take that class over and risk my financial aid, due to a racist teacher being inconsiderate. So I went on to Plan D.

Plan D was for me to enroll in cosmetology. And I mean, that really isn’t a bad idea considering that I do makeup, make units and have a passion for it. So NOW, I will be in trade school starting Monday! And I have to say, I truly am excited but I know that with me being full-time in school, I’ll barely be able to work. And I hate when funds are tight. I like having flexibility with my checks and that is something I had to compromise.

If I stayed at Community College I would have been unhappy plus mentally and physically drained. I by far, have been through enough to know that I hate being unhappy. And I hate the feeling of being stuck with no options. So I know that I’ve made the right decision in dropping out of college. College is not for everyone, and college is not for me.

I felt like college was forcing me to think a certain way, a way in which the education system wanted me to think, not a way in which I wanted to think. And I didn’t like that. I didn’t feel like I needed to be $40,000+ in debt after my undergraduate, just to start off entry-level at a job, that’ll STILL have to train me how they do things. I just don’t feel like college is necessary.

And I’ll say it again for the people in the back. I DONT FEEL LIKE COLLEGE IS NECESSARY! I see so many people who take a leap on faith and skip college, to do something that brings pure happiness to them. Minus the debt and stress. I’ve had a customer tell me that everyone’s going to hair school and that only people my age are skipping college. And I thought “well damn, I could say the same thing for people your age that’s working in corporate america being unhappy” but who am I to judge? You went to college to be unhappy, at a job that you really cant stand, but because it gets the bills paid you’ll stay.

People walk out of cosmetology school and five years later (if they continue in the field) some people have made more money compared to people working corporate jobs. Trades are not a bad thing (at all) and if someone can cut the costs of debt in half, while doing something that brings happiness to their heart. I believe that they should do it!

Don’t go to college because people are forcing you to and you feel like you have to do it. I felt like that and after my freshman year of college I have $3500 in student loans that I would’ve avoided (If only I knew sooner that college would’ve been a waste of my time). That would’ve been $3500 less dollars I would have to pay back after cosmetology school.

But, we live and we learn. Although this happened to me. It might not happen to you. College could be the best time of your life, and you could have a completely different experience.

This is my experience with college and I feel like you should “follow your dreams”. When Plan A doesn’t work out in your favor, go to Plan B, and when plan B doesn’t work, go to plan C. Have so many plans that you never run out of ideas and things to do. Check off every item on your checklist until you find something that brings you pure happiness. And when you find pure happiness, maintain that happiness and let no one take it away from you!

I can tell you one thing, if something doesn’t work out for me. I’ll find something that will.

Have you dropped out of something?

If so tell me why in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading!

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