The Truth About College, Is College For Everybody?

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Today I wanted to come back and add onto my college series. If you are not familiar, you can click here to read the first post. Now, lets fast forward.

Lets be honest, college is NOT for everybody.

I personally feel like college is a place where you learn the basics, (and still after spending thousands of dollars worth of student loans) you have to go into the real world and learn how your specific job does things.

For Example, I interned at IBC between my 11th-12th grade summer and my position was a marketing consultant. Usually, people want you to have an undergraduate degree in order to be considered for the position but, personally speaking I feel like people do not need a degree. Once you have your foot in the door the job will train you to their standards of what you should know moving forward.

While having a degree in marketing means you SHOULD need less training compared to someone who has no training. If jobs really wanted to invest into their workers, I feel like degrees wouldn’t be the number one certificate they look for because regardless of having a degree or not, they would still show you the ropes.

So, people come out of college, land the job of their dreams than end up having to be trained on how their company does things. I was taught how to do excel just like someone taking a computer science class was being trained in college. SO, Are these degrees really needed?

No, I feel like everyone is stuck thinking that in order to be successful you must have a degree. Depending on the field that someone is going into such as being a doctor, psychologist or something of that nature, yes you’d need to go to college because that is a field where someones life can depend on your judgement.

BUT fields such as business, entrepreneurship etc does not require a degree. There are programs that people can use to self teach, and regardless of self teaching you have to make mistakes and learn from them, intern places and learn among other people. So whyyyyy exactly am I paying $50,000+ at Drexel University for an undergrad in business to still have to be trained somewhere else?

Basically, you pay for the name.

Now that I got that off of my chest, lets talk about the end of my second semester!

So, throughout my second semester I was in and out of the hospital for health reasons. And, I was missing a few classes every here and there, with that being said that mean I missed work too. One professor in particular (I swear she only liked her white students / was racist), gave me the hardest time of my life trying to make up work.

And you would think when you have a legit reason to be out, especially being in the hospital that the college would allow you to make up work. Apparently not, she wouldn’t allow me to make up the work with visible doctor notes, so that resulted in my grade dropping in the class, and with this being towards the end of my semester, it was honestly no point in dropping the class.

Since I decided not to drop the class two/three weeks before finals my transcript has a grade that I DO NOT agree with on it, because she wouldn’t allow me to complete my missed work. And it’s irritating me so bad because in order to transfer I would have to retake the class, and I find that unfair because it’s not like I just decided to not do the work, I wasn’t able to due to health purposes, but. I guess ill figure it out later on.

Now that I am able to reflect back on my entire first year of college, I really feel like college isn’t for me, and that college is not for everybody.  I never really understood why people would say “college isn’t for everybody” until I was put into the situation.

College is not for me because none of my classes this far seemed challenging. I honestly feel like I paid to sit in classes that weren’t interesting, and taught little to nothing. I just paid for the textbooks, and gave someone else free money. Time was wasted and its an interesting feeling because now I have to figure out what I want to do moving forward.

College is not what everyone makes it out to be… and that, my dear is FINAL!

So, have you ever been in this type of situation?

If so what did you do?

Let me know in the comments below and thank you for reading.

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