Gun Violence and Death

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Today I wanted to talk about gun violence and death as whole.

Summer hasn’t officially started yet and everyday we (because I know you hear about it too) hear about someone dying. Whether it’s from the news, Facebook, TMZ or The Shade Room.

Someone some where was gunned down, ran over, or attempting to commit suicide (if not successfully committing suicide) lately .

I’ve been seeing so many RIP posts on Instagram that I came to the realization that no one is safe anymore, and its very scary to think about. Nowadays you never know when its time to go, and sadly its over the smallest things. Bad enough we have to deal with police brutality in minority areas, and now everyone has to deal with black on black crimes too?

Why is it that people can not fight fair anymore? Instead of fighting with hands, people are using guns. Instead of talking it out, people are talking less and firing more? Jealousy and hate is taking over everywhere.

Initially when I decided to write about this sensitive topic, I was aiming to talk about Philadelphia but I will not do that because Philadelphia isn’t the only place experiencing so much violence and so many deaths.

By me living in Philadelphia I hear about things surrounding this area more, but realistically speaking this is going on everywhere.

The other day, I happen to be scrolling on Facebook when I came past a post (in a group) stating that someone was selling a gun, and that anyone willing to purchase it could get a gun license (made by the person selling it). And it dawned on me that we already have so many people who do not deserve to have a gun.

While I understand that people have them to protect themselves, I also understand that too many people without common sense are getting their hands on things that they shouldn’t. And this is one of the reasons that so much gun violence is going on. This person has no background check on the buyer, and was willing to trade/sell it in order to get money for it.

Is this really the world that we live in?

All money isn’t considered good money and no one seems to care about anyone elses life being in danger. Besides gun violence, we have drug wars going on, where people are fighting to be number one. And I get it, sometimes there is no other way to provide, so people will do anything necessary, BUT I honestly do not think people understand that there could be a way out..

People do not have to be stuck in the cycle of selling drugs, why not turn that into something positive by saving your profit, and starting a business which could  take off giving you the option to create a better life for yourself and the people you care about?

*Please do not confuse me saying “I get it” with me saying its alright to sell drugs, that is not what I am saying at all, and I hope that anyone reading this is not taking it that way….but I am also not here to judge. I’m just stating my option and whoever disagree’s can kindly disagree*

Everyone has their own purpose and their own motivation behind what they do, but in my opinion some people would rather live by the streets (by choice). Everyone doesn’t have a decent support system to push them and tell them that they can do better which explains why generations are stuck in the same cycle.

And I wish that I could be the person to push that there is better, but I can only speak to those willing to listen.

I wish minorities would stop pushing drugs into our own neighborhoods and I wish we would stop involving ourselves in so much gun violence. Taking someone’s life is fun and games until its someone you care about. Then its an issue and people no longer wants to play that “game”. Why does it take for that to happen for people to want change? I just…dont get it.

Embarrassment and fear is real. I get that. The moment people are embarrassed nowadays means that sooner or later they’ll retaliate which could result in so many different things. Gangs are becoming common because no one knows how to fight anymore, and people are beefing with the same people.

Code Of The Streets

During my recent semester in college, my English professor gave us a copy of a book called “Code of the Street: Decency, Violence, and the Moral Life of the Inner City” by Elijah Anderson, which introduces the idea of street families vs decent families.

When I tell you that from what I’ve read, this book relates so much to the topic of violence, and how people adapt to their neighborhoods (I would be wrong if I didn’t mention and recommend for you to read it). If you’ve never heard of it, or read it you definitely should as it could be an eye opener to whats really going on in today’s society.

I ended up writing my English final on this topic and I will insert some of my written work below. This paper ended up being my professors favorite piece of writing from me and was my highest graded paper (If you decide to use any of my block quotes please give me credit, as tho this is my own written work. AND I do have my blog copy-written…)

In order for children to survive in the inner-city they must adapt and code switch in different scenarios. When children code switch outside of home it’s considered living by the code of the streets. As defined by Anderson, the code of the streets is a “adaption to the profound to a profound lack of faith in the police and judicial system” (86). In other words, the code of the streets is an act of seeking respect and maintaining a certain reputation in order to make survival easier. When living in the code of the streets, the justice system is being counted on less and less for the simple fact that “when called, they may not respond, which is one reason many residents  feel they must be prepared to take extraordinary measures to defend themselves and loved ones” (86). In contrast, “Decent” families may find another way to relieve stress by focusing less on the hardships and more on going to church or having faith.


Boys require respect because in the streets being respected means that they have power over another group. Having power is vital to the streets because the more power you have the further you can get.

So, after reading my written work, does it all make sense?? Living by the code of the streets requires numerous things, and people will do whatever it takes to uphold their status. We need to push that there is other ways out, it gets tough to everyone but that doesn’t mean turn to the streets.. The streets do not love anybody and I can promise you that.

Its scary when you have to constantly be paranoid for the people you love because of where you live. I pray for people every day and every night because I would be heart-broken if something happened to anyone I love.. It could be anyone, at any time and at any moment.

We need to pray, as a city, that things get better.

Its crazy out here, seriously.  Never go a day without telling people you love them, and pray for them every night that (whoever you look up to, whatever religion) will continue to keep them safe and out of harms way..

With that being said, Thank you for reading this..

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