The Truth About Working In Customer Service.

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Today I wanted to talk about my experiences while working in the customer service field.

Working in customer service requires A LOT of self discipline.

I know you’re probably thinking “we already know that Cianie” but I really want to but emphasis on SELF discipline. I’ve been working for two years now and I’ve had my shares with working in different places. I’ve had the opportunity to work for Old Navy, Accenture, Red Lobster and Wawa.

Ive noticed something that 75% of them have in common, working with the public. With me being a people’s person I’ve always had the role of being head on with customers, or guests (If I must be proper here, lol) due to my ability of being able to spark up conversations and build relationships with the customers.

While building relationships and holding conversations may be true, no one thinks about my position as a customer service associate. Normally, CSA’s get the shitty end of the stick when it comes to customers. There’s customers that I absolutely adore working with, but there is also customers that I try to avoid. Customers have a way of pushing all of their problems onto the sales rep or associate because they figure its our job. Although that may be true, I could sometimes careless to deal with you cursing me out about something so simple, simply because YOU’VE had a bad day.

Lets face it, I’ve probably had a bad day too, and could be seconds away from snapping out. At the end of the day, jobs hold the CSA responsible for pleasing everyone else. What happens when im having a bad day? Do I get to just snap out on people and brush my problems on them? NO, I do not. So I find it so unfair for people to do that towards me.

Not only are we held responsible to take on the burden of being cursed out and disrespected, working with money could be annoying.

Think about it. Depending on the location of your job you could have relaxed customers or irritable customers. Where I currently work, I have customers that are constantly rushing to get to their cooperate jobs. And its nothing wrong with that. They’ve been blessed with a nice job, cool. I seem to think that some people lack common sense and let me tell you why.

I’ve experienced many people throwing money at me, or dropping the money on the counter and walking away before I got the chance to count it. I find it very rude when people do this because if you see my hand is out why would you sit it on the counter?

I’ve also experienced customers asking for things that’s right in front of them. The screen is right at your fingertips so that you can see everything and you decide to ask me your total… as if the total isn’t in the right corner.

Although these are “small” issues, I think it shows the bigger picture, which is that CSA’s are not respected or treated as humans. Its very dehumanizing to throw something at me, or sit something somewhere and walk away without giving me the option to make sure you have the correct change. Its also very annoying that people look at us and think its okay to take their anger out on us, like we are not human too. I have my own issues that I deal with on a daily basis, and this may sound selfish, but some times I could care less about yours. Especially if you’re rude to me.

I love my regular customers, and although being a CSA can be very rewarding, it can be very tiring as well. I love having the gift of making others smile. Sometimes I wish people would act the same way towards me tho.

So keep in mind that working in customer service can mentally and emotionally drain you. Sometimes people can care less about how we feel because they cant manage their own feelings. It sucks that working in customer service is a blessing and a curse.

The one thing that I can take away from any CSA job is that the experiences and conversations that I have with my regulars. I learn so much about people being able to hear from their prospective about different things, and one thing that no one can take away from anyone is experience.

Tell me about a time you’ve dealt with rude customers. How do you handle it?

Until next time, Thank you so much for visiting.

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