The Do’s and Dont’s Of Getting a Thigh Tattoo

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Today I wanted to talk about my recent tattoo and the items I found most useful during the healing process.

I recently got a set of roses going from my thigh up to my hip but I had no idea what items would be most useful and how to go about the healing process due to all of my other tattoos being in spots where I had little-to-no worries. I have two on my wrist and a big tattoo on my right shoulder, so during the healing process for my shoulder it was summer. Meaning, I was wearing short sleeve shirts or tank tops which caused no friction to my shoulder.

The one thing that I can say about getting any tattoo in the summer is that you should be aware that you can NOT get into any type of water besides when you shower.  The water can cause infections or pull the ink from your tattoo (Even when showering, if you’re in there for too long) and no one wants this to happen.

Now, fasting forward to my thigh tattoo…..

So, getting a thigh piece is a completely different type of pain! Especially IF your tattoo is going close to your pelvic bone. One of my leafs is close to my pelvic bone so it was very uncomfortable around that area. On the meaty parts of my thigh it wasn’t so bad. Its the typical feeling of any tattoo and eventually you’ll get used to it.


Buy seamless panties (They’re a life savor, it feels like nothing is on the tattoo which will allow it to breathe!)

Buy paper towels so that you can wash & dry it easily.

When washing gently go over the tattoo with soap on a wet paper towel.

Pat dry with a paper towel and allow air to hit the spot before putting ointment on it.

Place a clean towel under your body when sleeping, so that if any ink oozes out it will not stain your sheets.

Sleep with nothing covering the area

Clean the tattoo 2-3x’s a day. This will keep your tattoo clean but also allow it to peel quicker.

Keep it moisturized with ointment. (Ask your tattoo artist what to use.. Each artist is different and works with different ointments)



Wear anything that has elastic close to the tattoo

Touch with dirty hands ( YOU NEED CLEAN HANDS)

Use the same towel to dry it. (Towels collect bacteria, and you want to stay far away from bacteria)

Scrub the tattoo (Just…dont. Allow it to peal on its own)

Stay in the shower for too long. (Keep the area away from water, unless cleaning. 5 minutes should be the MAXIMUM amount of time you keep the tattoo submerged in water!)

Wear anything tight around that area. (This will cause ink to ooze out/suffocate the area. You want the tattoo to heal as quick as possible with all of your ink)

Sleep on the side of your tattoo

Pick the scabs. (Just stop.. if you like picking stuff please do not get a tattoo. You’ll ruin the tattoo sis)



Overall, If you’re not willing to change how you do things you should reconsider getting a thigh tattoo. I had to buy bigger pants that gave me room around my thighs because all of my pants would rub which irritated the area. Besides buying different pants, I had to buy different underwear. All of the underwear that I had prior to my tattoo had elastic in the top which made the top of my tattoo very uncomfortable because it was hugging the area. For the first two days I found myself constantly trying to adjust where the band was sitting which became irritating.

Once I went to Victoria Secret and discovered the seamless panties, I had a whole new meaning to life! When I tell you that they make the process SO much easier because it feels like you have NOTHING on. Its NO elastic, just thin material sitting on the area. I was able to move how I wanted to move, squat to pick things up….and felt nothing. So please invest in some seamless panties. They will make the healing experience much more comfortable, and save you some ointment because …….they do not soak any moisture up.

I also noticed that my thigh required way more attention compared to my shoulder. Due to me working I had to carry my ointment in my bag and moisturize it during my break. I found myself moisturizing it at least 5 times a day because the material from my pants soaked up the ointment….every…single….time. So if you can get the tattoo and stay home that would be awesome, but not everyone has that privilege. Sadly I did not. Lol

Hopefully you’ve learned something new today! I wanted to inform everyone about the things that I did NOT know, with the hopes that this will alter your opinion, or prepare you for your new ink.

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  1. Thank you for this! I’ve been considering getting a thigh tattoo for a while and never thought about half of the things post-care would entail. Love your blog! ❤️

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