The Annual Women of Distinction Award Ceremony

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Today I want to tell you all about my recent networking event in New Jersey.

The event goes by the name of “Women of Distinction” and was created by Tee (Who’s also the owner of Lavish Crown Hair). The main purpose of the event was to create the opportunity to meet new people, network, support vendors and to show appreciation to women that gives back to their communities throughout Philadelphia in numerous ways.

The Venue

The venue goes by the name of  “The Mansion” located in Voorhees Township. When I tell you that the venue was beautiful, the staff was very outgoing, and the food was amazing. I am NOT lying to you. I have absolutely no complaints about anything relating to the venue or the event itself. There was a catered brunch that everyone had access to. The food included brunch items such as a fruit tray, bacon, sausage, home fries, salmon, chicken, string beans and more.

I decided that I wanted snacks at first so I helped myself to a bagel, pineapples, and a Danish. The bagel was toasted a little too hard for MY liking so if I had one complaint that would be it. Besides the fact that my bagel was hard, everything else was good. The second time around I helped myself to seven pieces of bacon and home fries. The bacon was pork and the home fries were seasoned so I was very surprised. What surprised me was the fact that I needed no seasoning because normally people do not add seasoning onto food. The Mansion did and I appreciate that!After eating the staff came around and collected the dirty dishes (That was very nice). Towards the end of the ceremony the staff was very hands on. No one had to touch a thing because they cleaned up everything. You can see more about the venue here.

The Award Ceremony

The award ceremony was amazing. One of the women that stuck out the most (remember this is my opinion) to me on the panel was Andria Mayberry. Andria Mayberry is the mother of Bryshere Gray, which we all know from the hit show Empire. Andria talks about the hardships that she went through as a parent while raising Bryshere. She also goes into the nitty-gritty about her being in denial of Bryshere’s disability when he was younger, and focused her speech on how she turned his disability into a positive light of promoting the education of ADHD.

You can hear the speech by watching the video above. Ms. Mayberry has a book out called “Before Empire” which goes deeper into their life. I will be posting a review of the book once I get the chance to read it! In the mean time, you should follow my Instagram to stay updated on my progress with the book and to see snippets of the writing.

The Vendors

  • I bought the “Blessed ” shirt from dyanKelly Fashion House.

You can get more information on this vendor by clicking here.

  • I bought the “Thou shall not” shirt from Aneesah Smith.

You can get more information on this vendor by clicking here.

  • I bought the candles from Praise Worthy.

The candles smell soooooo amazing! I normally do not buy candles or have candles lit in my house but it was a must-buy. The scents vary in smell but regardless of what type of scents you like, I’m sure you’d find something. You can get more information on this vendor by clicking here.


The event was amazing, the venue was spectacular and the vendors were amazing as well. If I had to rate the entire experience I would give

The Venue a 4.5/5

  • Pros- The staff was amazing, the venue was beautiful, very clean and neatly set up.
  • Cons- My bagel was hard.. Others complained about the hardness of bagel as well.

Event Planner a 4.9/5

  • Pros- There was food for everyone and the food was of mixed animals. The nominees were amazing and gave beautiful speeches. The host was good and took us to church (Lol). The venue was beautiful, quiet and reserved.
  • Cons- The only thing that I would probably consider a SLIGHT con would be the location ONLY because it was far, and if I didn’t get a ride there it would’ve been impossible to make it. This is only a con for me, but for those that drive you wouldn’t have a issue.

    Thank you for watching/reading.

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