Beauty In The Struggle

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Have you ever went through something and wondered why it’s happening to you? I think we all have, and I just wanted to let you know that’s its alright. This is how life works. In order to have a balanced lifestyle you need to hold your head up and find beauty in everything that you are experiencing.

Life has a very odd way of working. We never notice the good in a situation right away but I think a better way of handling that would be to change how we think. Being closed-minded will do nothing besides trap you in your thoughts with no one to talk to, where you wonder why something is happening and wish it never happened. Well, let me tell you this. Everyone was born to go through their own experiences, which results in everybody being unique. If everyone experienced the same thing you’d think we were reborn over and over again.

Look at how many business owners speak about failure, failure …..and more failure. Regardless of it relating to their business or self growth, a lot of people are open to sharing their experiences with others yet no one could imagine the feelings these people experienced while going through the motions. We can imagine and try to problem solve in our heads until it’s actually our reality.  And when it is our reality we have no clue where to start. When there is will there is a way!

I’ve been through some very interesting experiences where I’ve felt like everything was taken away from me and “why me”? but without going through these things I would not be who I am today, with the knowledge that I have, or with the drive that I have. My experiences have molded me into the person that (I guess) the man above set out for me to be. And while I still have more areas to improve in, once I stopped asking “why me” and started to  focus my energy on things that I could change life began to feel more peaceful.

Write down all of the intangible things that you can not change versus the stuff that you can change. If your list is anything like mines, you’ll begin to notice that the good outweighs the bad. So lighten up on yourself! Take a second to appreciate how far you’ve come. I’m sure something happened last year that you thought would be an ongoing issue which turns out to be irrelevant as we speak. So with that being sad. Change the things that you can, but embrace the things that you can not change!

Maybe you wanted to change your diet but failed previously. Now you’re thinking about trying again but not sure if you’ll be consistent. The first thing you should do is settle with the fact that you’ve failed, set a goal and try again. If you feel like you should be eating healthier, eat healthier but don’t try to cut everything out of your diet or eat less thinking that it’ll help you. No one wants to be malnourished. You will still need your protein and red meats.


Maybe you went to the gym but something came up and you were unable to keep it up. Try incorporating the gym into your schedule whenever you have availability and work your way up from there. If you want to be more fit try going to the gym and exercising. Don’t overdo anything tho! Set a limit and work to improve but if you feel like something is too much, it probably is.

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