First Year Experience + Tips.

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Lets talk all about college!

I wanted to share a blog post about my first year experience with college.

If you know me personally you know that I am in the middle of my second semester/first year. Honestly speaking, its been such an eye opener in quite a few ways. I’ve learned/realized so many things about myself thus far which is beautiful…. but I find myself struggling to put all this information together.

Is college for me?, What should I major in?, and Should I change my major has to be my favorite three questions to ask. Now let me explain..

There’s days where I love being a college student and going to class but I also have days where I feel unmotivated not wanting to be bothered. One of my professors last semester was very supportive when it came to English and all of my classes in general. She made part of my transition from high school to college easy. On the other hand my math professor was not supportive, cared less about anybody besides herself and had little to no time to help anyone. With math being my worst subject, I needed a little more support and openness from her when it came to grasping the concepts. One thing that you’ll learn is that there are professors that care…but then there’s some that don’t. Every professor has their own way of teaching the material and her way of teaching was not working for me. Between her thick accent and how quick she brushed through material…. Girl!

By math being my worst subject and having a bad first-semester experience with my math professor this makes me nervous about my major. My current major is Business Management which consists of A LOT of math classes (Over 6 to be exact). The overall goal for me by the end of my undergraduate is to have the proper knowledge to open and operate my own business but is being a business major the only way to make that possible? No, after researching different majors I found out that Communication majors have access to some of the same classes minus half of the math. I would never take the easy way out but I also would hate to waste money retaking the same math classes over and over. Failing classes can definitely mess up Financial Aid and ya girl is broke. With that being said I have no money to dish out to pay for classes. With May being the end of my first year I have to think quick because some credits will NOT be transferable to another major which will result in me having to take more classes with less time (if I want to stay on track for graduation). Stressful right?

After thinking about all of the what ifs I feel VERY stressed out. I know that I’m capable of doing any and everything that I put my mind to but looking at all of these math classes for my upcoming roster has me second guessing my entire life… lol, Like my joke?

No but seriously, changing my major is definitely up for debate. Hopefully by May I’ll have some type of guidance leading me into the right direction because at this moment I’m all over the place.

People alwaaaaaaays assume that I have my life all figured out and guess what?! I don’t! I’m human just like you. I have days where I feel like everything’s going as planned but I also have days where Id rather sit in a box then to deal with everything.

Its complicated.

Enough about me.. Lets talk about something more interesting.

I have two tips for anyone in high school exploring their options but please note that I am not an expert.

  • It’s okay to declare undecided.

When declaring undecided for any college they will offer gen-ed classes that’s (possibly) transferable to any major. Don’t be like me and take classes, then think about changing majors because at this point… If I decided to change majors. One of my classes (so far) will not transfer meaning I’ve wasted money because it wouldn’t count towards graduation.

  • Your favorite college may not be the college for you!

After watching/hearing about fellow classmates experiences with their “favorite” college, I’ve come to the conclusion that not everyone’s judgement was right. And that’s okay. You live and you learn but I personally want you to keep your options open. Make a wish list of schools you feel value the goals you have in mind. Do NOT set your mind to only one college because that campus might not align with your goals once you’re actually living on campus. Some college credits are not transferable to other universities so keep that in mind.

Last but not least, keep in mind that loans… You know what. NEVERMIND! That’s a separate blog post.. Just be mindful that they have to be paid back, and that loans will hold you captive. So, if you’re not sure if college is a stepping stone to your success try a community college first to test the waters. You do not need a degree to be successful. It definitely gives you an extra boost and “credentials” but if you have a skilled trade that could make you successful as well.

That’s it for tonight!

To everyone that’s graduated, please leave a comment below and let me know about your college journey. What was it like for you? Did you change majors? If so, why did you change?

For those currently in college, hows it going for you? Share with me!

Lastly, for those that’s preparing for college, did this blog help?

Let me know in the comments!



16 thoughts on “First Year Experience + Tips.

  1. I didn’t go to college right out of high school but I wish I had because like you said, it IS okay to declare undecided. I opted not to go because I wasn’t decided. I completely agree with you. Don’t make the same mistake I did or you might not go at all!!

  2. I graduated college about 5 years ago now and I do have some regrets. I wanted to stay relatively close to home but that really cut down on my opportunities for internships and other opportunities. My advice is don’t be scared!

  3. I suggest you not to be stresses, as when I look back, during my college days, my maths was also not that great, but I emerged out as Gold medallist in my Management degree and PG also.

  4. This really reminds me of college years when I have 6-7 subjects all for math, after analytics there go calculus and statistics – When I was in highschool I love math so much, but it gives me a second thought during college LOL!

  5. In retrospect a part of me wishes I went on to study something I’m a bit more passionate about – like music production or film writing. But there’s also a nice feeling to know you’ve finished something a bit more difficult and practical (i studied Business / International Marketing). I had lots and lots of math subjects too, and didn’t enjoy those one bit. End of the day, you learn so much more outside the four walls of the classroom anyway.

  6. Thanks for this! It’s really interesting to hear how college works abroad, in England most people just study one subject for the whole three years!

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