How Long Should You Wait Before Considering A New Relationship?

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Today I wanted to talk about relationships.

How long do you think someone should wait before considering a new relationship?

Personally I think that there is no specific set amount of time that could determine when someone is ready to start dating again. Each person is different and each person heals differently. I know for fact that most women disconnect mentally before actually deciding to call it quits. We’ll end up grieving and being content with the relationships failure before actually departing. On the other hand, some men will grieve later on after realizing that the relationship status is finalized which results in them walking around with baggage and no closure. Some will leave the relationship feeling ready to conquer the world while others will not.

One thing that I want everyone (male or female) to understand is that you should not move on into a new relationship holding baggage from a previous relationship! Let all of your broken-ness go and rebuild! This will insure that when you do decide to start dating you’ll be open-minded when it comes to many things. Not everyone shows love and affection in the same way and you should prepare yourself for this. No comparing your new partner to your last! Their way of loving could be completely different compared to what you’re used to.

And the second thing that I want everyone to understand is that you’ll be opening the door of getting to know people so if you’re not willing to start all over, reconsider!

During a break up you should learn yourself and understand what makes you comfortable, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, what makes you laugh etc etc.. So that when it is time to connect with someone they’ll become a add on to your life and not take over your entire life.

So tell me something…

  1. Have you ever left a relationship and jumped into another? If so, how did it work out?
  2. Are you still in that relationship? If not, how long did it last and what made you decide to call it quits? Was it mutual?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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