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Today I wanted to discuss relationships. After scrolling through my social media accounts (in which you should follow if you haven’t already) I’ve noticed that numerous people posted meme’s about wanting a “real relationship” / “wanting something real” which brought up a few questions/concerns for me.

In today’s society what exactly is “something real” or a “real relationship”? Are there certain characteristics that society says we should obtain in order for something to be considered real or does every person have their own specific definition?

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To me, a real relationship is a relationship in which each party is able to be completely honest with one another about any AND everything, a relationship without deception, and a relationship in which you can fully trust and accept each other for who one another is.

In my generation, relationships do NOT last long because of us never seeing what “real” love looks like… Majority of the people I know lack the opportunity of having both parents. Either you have your mother, or you have your father. And your lucky if you have both! I say all of that to say, when you’re young and you see your parents in a healthy loving relationship it installs into you that this is what real love looks like. By having only one parent you can get the bad end of the stick. You’ll have no idea what a healthy relationship consists of (unless your parent is happy with someone else) and will stand for just about anything.

Being in a relationship in today’s day and time means that you need to master self love, so that you know what it’s like to be in love with yourself. By being in love with yourself it will allow you to be open minded to loving somebody else. You’ll also need to know the signs of a unhealthy relationship. If you can’t agree to disagree, compromise or open up about something that you dislike…. is it really “real”? Next, you’ll need to prepare yourself to not always be happy. Sometimes things do not go in OUR favor, but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t “real”. Love is a sacrifice and some days may require way more work than you expect.

I personally feel like “real” love isn’t defined by marriage BUT taking the steps to become married can symbolize that you’re willing to fight together to make something work or that you’ll try to problem solve which is something that most young adults lack. I am not saying that married couples are the ONLY people to have “real” relationships. What I hope that you take away from the matter is that children with married parents have the opportunity to see what real love is like because their parents are normally together under one roof (IF their parents are in a HEALTHY marriage) showing the characteristics that love is associated with.

So, that leads me to my next point.

How can we have something “real” when we’re not willing to stay and fight? How can we have something “real” when we do not want to compromise and apologize? How can we have something “real” when we have no idea what healthy relationships look like? And last, how can we have something “real” when we haven’t mastered self love?

Now, my question for you is……

How do you define “real love”? Let me know in the comments section below!

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    1. I totally agree! I’m scared to make any new friends because some people are only out to be apart of whatever you’re doing rather then being a true friend.. it’s sad. Everyone has to be careful some people are users ☹️

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