One Word Responses?

Hello, and welcome to my “Dear Men” segment of SimplicitCi.

On this segment of “Dear Men” I would love to discuss what women truly think about one word responses.

When I receive a one word response from anyone, especially a guy, I become very irritated and uninterested. The reason I become irritated and uninterested is due to the fact that I am unsure how to respond, or IF I SHOULD respond to you . What’s the point in asking questions and trying to get to know me if your response is going to be “oh, cool, k,”.

(Rolls eyes x5)

The first thing that I associate with those responses is that you’re not interested in the response I gave you to your question. Now, what would you think if women flipped the script and decided to give YOU a one word response? You would probably consider us to be “buggin” if you were conversing about something serious or you would become uninterested in conversation if it was about something general. So, on the other hand why would you give us women one word responses and find it okay?

The second thing that I associate with those responses is that 9x’s outta 10 I will never speak to you again. Some women lose interest easily and you could lose every ounce of “brownie points” you’ve earned. In my book, I love deleting message threads and blocking people, so if I delete that thread I have no idea who you are when you decide to text me. I NEVER save numbers due to the fact that I become uninterested very easily. So, In order to avoid the “who is this?” response (that lowkey hurt your feelings) I suggest you step your game up. I be tired of going into my contacts to find someones profile to delete so if someone says “Text me your name” it’s because we aren’t saving your number.

Jokes on you, huh?

Women like to engage in conversation and be engaged. Women hate talking to someone that’s very dry or self centered. Everything isn’t about you! Ask me some questions and allow your response to spark up some questions that I might have for you. When getting to know someone it is crucial for people to pay attention to the little things. Including the way you talk to us! And there’s no way I’ll consider talking to you if you constantly one word me. Imagine things getting serious with a man that one words every conversation…… I think NOT! (Blockt!)

Ladies, what’s your opinion on one word responses?

Men, what’s your reasoning to one word responses? And how do you feel when you receive one word responses?’

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Let me know in the comments below and thank you for reading <3

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